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5 ways to improve your life... while at the gas station.

It really is the little things.


You speed up to the station pump, put your car in park, dig for your wallet, and step outside. Once you're done typing in your zipcode or pin number, you jam the metal spigot into the hole in your vehicle and start filling it full of delicious formerly-fossilized liquid. (Hey, I'm not a vegetarian so I can't judge.)

You now have about 3 minutes to do... what, exactly?

Maybe I'll check Facebook. And see your ex chilling in Bali? Pass.

I wonder if President Trump is starting WWIII on Twitter. Trust me, you'd find out soon enough.

Ooh, maybe I'll check in on the latest #instacats posts. I mean...(yes)..? No. NO. Stay focused.

Maybe I will take the time to improve my life. Ding ding!

You know what kills me?

That people are always posting and blogging about self-help, self-love and self-care.

And that is amazing. Truly. Good for them. But how often do you follow through?

Well... in this case the answer is "always"! Because you're going to do AT LEAST ONE OF THE THINGS LISTED BELOW. At the gas station.

These are no-excuses, easy-as-pie, quick-as-a-bunny ways to improve your life... all while at the station putting fossil fuels into your ride.

Now hop to!

1. Clean your filthy trunk.

I'm guilty of throwing stuff into my trunk whenever my friends are riding with me, when my mother is coming over, or whenever I just want to avoid every thing I have to take into the house.
It ends up leaving me feeling mentally overwhelmed. I open the trunk and BAM. 20 minutes worth of cleaning.
Improve your cluttered car (and life) RIGHT. NOW.
Start by sorting: move aside things to be thrown away or recycled (Chipotle bags, water bottles), then go to things that need to be cleaned (dishes, clothes), and finish with the things that need to be out of the trunk (stuff being moved from places, Goodwill donations).

BONUS: throw away any trash in your car at the gas station.

2. Wash your windows/lights.

Even if you're borrowing the car, you want to make sure your vision is unimpaired while driving.


Plus cleaning car windows is incredibly refreshing. Seriously.

3. Shoot a text to someone who you haven't heard from in a while.

We all have down days, or sometimes weeks or months. If you have someone on your mind that has brought a smile to your face at least once in your life who you haven't talked to recently, send them a simple text that says "Hey, what's up?" "Was thinking about your today, hope you're doing well." "I was told by some blogger to text you, so hi." (Okay, if you do the last one, send me a screenshot!)

Point is, we all could use a random well-wishing here or there, so be that person today and it will come back when you need it, too.

4. Schedule that doctor's appointment.

I hate making doctor's appointments. And once I am making enough money to pay someone to do it for me, I probably- no. I won't do that: that's ridiculous. (Kindof.)
If you're avoiding scheduling an appointment, just get it done and over with while you're standing at the pump. Put your health first.

5. Locate the emergency kit in your car.

*kitten not recommended for emergency kit*

Yep, that's right. You're a strong, independent person and you need to have some basics in your car. New cars and leased cars are more likely to come with an emergency kit (usually a small bag with Band-aids and some Neosporin) than pre-owned cars. Find it, and know what is in it.
I don't have an emergency kit in my car. That may actually be better, because it is time to check out my handy-dandy guide to starting one.

And how does this improve my life? This little bag will have the essentials for you to use during most scenarios: from breakdowns to accidents, forgetting your credit card at home to being hungry in traffic. Trust me, that granola bar you usually don't like is a five-star meal in stand-still jams.

And that's it.

Some basic, tiny little things that you do everyday improve your life already, like brushing your teeth and showering. Using the same, self-upkeep mentality in the little moments- even at the gas station- will drastically improve your life.

And you know what?

Life changing moments happen everywhere, all the time. Make "now" your time.


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