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Wine Review: "Autumn", by Far Eastern Shore Winery

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A few weekends ago,

I had the chance to go to the Eastern Shore area in Maryland with my family. Of course, me being the wine nerd that I am, I planned visits to multiple wineries and even a distillery so I could see what this lovely bay-side country had to offer.

Along one of the main routes, you’ll find Far Eastern Shore Winery tucked into a tiny shopping plaza, but don’t let the looks fool you: once you step inside, you’ll find yourself transported to another world! Just as the name implies, Far Eastern Shore Winery’s tasting room design nods to it’s owners roots, who hails from China originally, with superb decor.

Far Eastern Shore Winery was delicious, and one wine in particular caught my eye! “Autumn” is a pinot gris wine… with white cranberry juice added by the vintner to add a little bit of sweet notes!

You can see my video review of the wine here! Keep reading for a written review of the wine.

Tasting Notes

Far Eastern Shore


Pinot gris, blended with white cranberry juice

Light yellow

ABV (alcohol by volume):
RS (residual sugars):
1.8% (semi-“sweet”)
What makes this wine standout?
So this is where going to the winery really helps, because I actually got to talk to the vintner and the owner himself. The winery is actually his side business, and is not his primary source of income (that is one hell of a side-hustle!). He likes to have fun with his wines, which is why I think it is so col that he decided to blend white cranberry juice into his pinot gris. It is very unorthodox, and the risk-takiing has paid off… literally!
Tasting notes:
I find this wine to be very light and subtle, but has more density and shine to it than normal pinot gris because of the blended elements. You can taste the cranberry, which goes very well with this pinot gris’s incredibly light lemon undertones.

What should I pair this with?
I would recommend pork, lightly grilled and salted asparagus, and anything with cranberries! This would be a FANTASTIC wine for any Thanksgiving get together (if you live in the states)!

Be sure to check out Far Eastern Shore Winery’s website here! If you get a chance to go, please tell me which wine was your favorite!

Until then, keep adventuring!


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