Universe. Galaxy.

Solar system. Inner ring. Earth.

North America. USA.

Maryland. Baltimore.

This current cosmic address will likely only change in the bottom two lines for myself and most of those here living on Earth for the foreseeable future.

But reluctantly, I'll admit: I sometimes recite my cosmic address to calm myself down, even down to the atomic level. And I do this to give myself perspective while I'm at home. Or on the job. Or maybe even while travelling, just to remind myself how small things really are when you're looking at the physical location of your self.

However, I don't think I would ever say that I am inconsequential. Yes, I do have my doubts sometimes, and that is okay! If you do too, it's only natural: we are all flawed, and even the most confident Leo-sign valedictorian who was prom-king also has those moments.

I am not inconsequential because I exist. We all exist. We all have the power to effect change: small, big, team-oriented, solo-expeditions, whatever. We exist, and that is awesome!

It is also because I believe that I am not inconsequential that I believe that we should be picking up our slack as a human race: in our humanitarian efforts, our ecological efforts, in our everything efforts.

(I promise this soapbox is short, so just hold on.)

For a race that strives for perfection, we are far from it. We have rising homelss rates. We have options to inject things into the atmosphere to change the climate because we suck at preventing things.

Bad habits are like eating cake after midnight. Self-destructive ones are believing that because we are one person, we don't make that much of a difference.

My friend, you are so, so, so wrong.  

The difference between you and not-you may be the best mural down the street that inspires a little girl and her grandpa. The difference is the best set of plays written since Shakespeare. The difference is string theory, or a cure for cancer, or fixing global warming, or a perfect partner to another... or just smiling at someone who really really needed it. You get it.

You are not inconsequential, you are the difference. Remember that.


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