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Oskar Blues Brewery

Austin, TX

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It was pouring outside.

Which is the perfect way to make the excuse to spend a rainy January 1st in Austin, Texas inside various breweries. The gray skies had threatened to open up all day, and as we pulled up to Oskar Blues Brewery, it decided to go ahead and dish out some cold, big drops. Okay, not some. A lot.

My hipster-inspired Chuck Taylor's and gray beanie got soaked as I ran inside after my parents and Vlad, who are decidedly more fans of beer than me, evidenced by the lack of "wait-up". Inside it was a little chilly, but what are you going to expect from a massive warehouse turned concert venue and brewery for the third brick-and-mortar location for Oskar Blues?

Founded in 2002 in Colorado, I'd say the founders did a great job of making a home here in Austin. Honestly, I hadn't heard of Oskar Blues until I went to the music-themed taproom on a rainy New Year's Day. But now that I have been to this power-house bev producer's Texan pad, I plan on drinking their beers... so long as I can find them in Maryland!

What I liked

1. They full on embraced the Austin, Texas culture.

Most of their taproom is actually a music venue, and it is pretty cool. They have a whole bunch of speakers (though I am not sure they work) on the wall as a fun architectural/interior design choice. They hung a giant pair of curtains to separate the taproom area from the stage and surrounding area, should they need to provide (a little) buffer from the onslaught of music.

2. They have tons of events.

If you are local to Austin, or are going to be in the area, odds are they have a band scheduled (per usual), and perhaps another event too! They host 5ks, works with local pet shelters, and have preview parties for artists and as fundraisers.

3. Promosssssss

I mean, that only works if you like the beer. Which:

My fave- Death by Coconut!

4. The beer, obviously.
You proabablly know by now that I am more of a wine and whiskey kind of gal, but between my parents' efforts and the delicious brews of Oskar Blues, I am slowly turning the page. In fact, you can witness this by checking out my video review here!

What was "okay"

1. Was super cold in the brewery for a hot minute.

Seriously. That's all I got. And they can't even really fix that! It's a WAREHOUSE for goodness's sake.

Really though guys, I would highly recommend going to Oskar Blues Brewery in Austin, Texas. The beer is great. The atmosphere is pretty good, though it was slow when we were there... in the middle of the day. The location is great: it is right by some other breweries/distilleries for (responsible) bar hopping!

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