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Review: The Copper Beech Inn

Ivoryton, CT

On a recent "I need to get the ^$%@ outta town" trip, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Connecticut.


Not New Haven, home of Yale. Not Hartford, or Bridgeport.


Neither had I.

Vlad and myself decided that we wanted to go to a bed and breakfast, as he had never stayed at one before. And of course my Pinterest-Millenial brain was like "Oh, New England would be the best place for him to experience it!"

In retrospect as I write this, I think a bed and breakfast that is "good" is able to show you hospitality with at least the fewest hints of luxury, whether it is by using all organic food, fun little extras in the room, or by having the owner sit down and talk to you during your meal (I had that happen to me at the Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast, it was delightful)!

So how was our stay at The Copper Beech Inn? Read on to find out!

Since it was a quick trip, we made the most out of our one-night at the Inn. We made dinner reservations at the Inn's restaurant. But before we enjoyed a candlelit meal, we decided to freshen up and check out our digs.

The room was fairly simple, whereas the bathroom felt like it was designed in the 50s and beautifully done.

It was a MASSIVE bathroom too, which was odd: it was almost the size of the room! But it was vintage-modern: white and black tile with glass accessories. The play on the vintage feeling with the mix of understated and not-flashy cabinets was perfect!

We quickly got ready then went to eat at the Inn's restaurant.

And Oh. My. Goodness it was spectacular. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm a food blogger, but the food was worth the drive. Between the two of us, we had duck confit and a delicious locally-made goat-cheese and pine nut ravioli. (The benefits of dating the person you're having dinner with is that you get to try everything. ;)) Both plates were the perfect size and we didn't feel too stuffed, but had enough room for dinner cocktails afterwards! 

In the morning, we got to see the grounds.

Since it's fall, you have to use your imagination a bit but it isn't hard to see the beauty everywhere.

Breakfast was, of course, amazing.

Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best. Like coffee and eggs sitting across from a handsome man :)

I definitely recommend the lemon chiffon pancakes. They're light and sweet and the perfect way to start a day!

I would definitely recommend The Copper Beech Inn.

The Inn itself is beautiful and fairly priced, and there's lots to do in the surrounding areas (like see a castle)!

This post wasn't sponsored, so you know I'm speaking the true true. Book today at The Copper Beech Inn's website!


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