One of the first things

that sticks out to me about DC's annual tennis exhibition is that it is a staple of the city's summer. People from all backgrounds and walks of life gather each year to see these incredible athletes compete, and everyone is rapt. How many other capitals can boast hosting top tennis players in the world for their citizens to see, and gather together over the common ground of competition? Not many.

My experience at Citi Open this year is thanks to my dad, who works for CitiBank. The company provided some tickets to the round robin, just in time for me to tell you why you should go this weekend!

The transpo experience is great

Parking for the Citi Open is very accessible, just make sure you plan ahead for crowds this weekend. There is free parking by the GEICO Headquarters in Friendship Heights, and there will be shuttles running to and from the event all day. If you'd like to park right by the stadium, there is parking there that starts at $20/vehicle.

Amenities, amenities, amenities!

If you're a Citi card holder, you can gain access to the exclusive Citi Lounge, which has air conditioning, TVs and couches if the heat is getting to you. There is also a charging station for phones.

For the kiddies, there are lots of activities. There is a tennis "range", as I am going to call it, which lets kids try their hand at hitting the ball. There are also other stands around the grounds that have activities like coloring and more!

For the adults, there are pro shops for enthusiasts, retail for heat therapy, and informational booths about local organizations and sponsors. Moet Chandon is a major sponsor this year, and most of their mini drinks are going for $13/bottle!! It's delicious, and practically worth the admission fee to the event. If you're into whiskey and vodka, Founding Spirits is also a sponsor, and they're offering cocktails or just straight spirits. I'm a fan of whiskey in the rocks, and it has a nice smoky taste and long finish.

The Matches

Guys, these players are amazing. That's why they're here competing, and many of them hail from outside the USA and territories. Saturday you can pick up the semi-finals and Sunday will be the finals, and I guarantee you that they will be showstoppers. Even if you aren't a fan of tennis, you'll wonder why you weren't in the first place! The games are super exciting.

Kalinskaya v Puig

Be sure to get your tickets for next year at and don't miss DC's tennis tradition!

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