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5 Reasons Why I Bought my Boyfriend an Engagement Ring

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If you saw a guy wearing a ring on his fourth finger on his left hand (unless you’re in Eastern Europe), you’d assume he’s married.

This might be true in some cases, but it isn’t the case with my fiance. When Vlad and I started talking about engagement rings, I asked him if he would want one. He said “Sure” and I took that as a greenlight to start designing one.

I haven’t really come across anyone who has been a jerk to me or Vlad about him wearing one. If I do come across that person, I’ll be my usual polite self, while telling them off angrily alone in my shower later that night. So if you’re worried about society’s acceptance of a “man-gagement” ring, either a) don’t worry about it or b) laugh in the face of it all while throwing the bird.

Read on below for my top 5 reasons why I wanted to get Vlad an engagement ring!

1. I find that men don't get as much love from the jewelry industry as women do.

Options, baby, options! Since this century seems to be the one in which we tear down tons of walls (and not build them *sideye DJT*), I wanted to get something that could serve as an option for Vlad later down the road once we got married. A lot of women will sometimes wear only their wedding ring after they get married for various reasons, and it’s great we have that option to customize. But men don’t have that option, and I wanted Vlad to. If we women/women-identifying are encouraged to accessorize, society should let everyone accessorize!

2. Everyone gets to know Vlad is engaged!

And I want everyone to know! Not because I feel slighted because of old gender norms stating I should be the only one wearing a ring, not because I want to own him, not because I’m scared he’s suddenly going to run off with another woman, but because I’m excited we’ve said “yes” to one another. We’re excited. We’re in love! He should be as able to physically show that off as I can.

3. I want him to feel like I sacrificed something as well.

As we all know, engagement rings are not cheap or a decision made lightly. The expectation that he is the only one in the relationship expected to buy a gift to mark this occasion is an unrealistic one. It doesn’t promote the idea of partnership.

4. He should get something with thought put into it!

I love jewelry (even though I don’t wear a lot of it), and I wanted to take the time to make him something he will love and cherish forever, just like I love and cherish the ring he gave me. The ring I gave him is a custom ring by Claire from Brightstar109. And we worked hard on it!!

5. And frankly, I want to set a new standard.

I’ve always believed that we should be the change we wish to see it the world, so here I am, changing it.


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