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Wine Review: 2016 Oak Ridge AV


The 2016 Ancient Vine Zinfandel by Oak Ridge is delicious. Hands. Down.

In fact, I finished it same night with a couple of friends. We couldn't just NOT finish it, ya know? ANYWAY, read on for the write up of this wine, and check out the one minute wine review here!

Type of wine:

Single varietal (AV zinfandel) from Lodi, CA.

Price range:

I found mine for $15 at Total Wine + More. Odds are, it will be about the same everywhere else.


Deep garnet.


Intense, with blackberries, hints of cherry and raspberry.

Taste profile:


It's a dry wine, but it can definitely fool those people who like a semi-dry/semi-sweet wine because it is so fruit-forward. I get black cherries from this, with hints of that oak barrel coming in at the end of the taste.


It's got a pretty short finish: it doesn't like to hang out in your mouth for 20 minutes. It'll be done in about a minute and a half.


It's got a pleasantly full body, so it's a wine that is perfect for a quiet evening where you can truly spend time drinking this wine.


What's interesting about this wine is that it has a syrup-y quality to the mouthfeel. Add to that the full body and cherry-forward taste, it's almost port-like in texture despite not having any sugar.

In what situation would I drink this wine?

The wine itself is extremely easy-going and an approachable red, so I would highly suggest it for parties during the fall/winter and during the holidays. It would be a good companion for a chilly picnic, as its taste and body will be filling.

What would I pair this with?

Barbeque-Pizza, dry-rubbed BBQ pork ribs, bacon and blue cheese

hamburger (as per the Oak ridge site).

I would also pair it with a nice, warm baked brie because the cherry taste of the wine will complement it well, and not override it.

Additional notes:

This wine is VEGAN!

Thanks for reading!

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In the meantime, keep exploring and stay wonder-full!

xox Alexis

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