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Wine Review: 2017 Beaujolais Blanc

from Domaine Dupeuble

The 2017 Beaujolais Blanc from Domaine Dupeuble is an awesome intro into dry white wines.

I personally have only JUST been getting into dry whites (I've been on a red kick lately), and I LOVED how floral and fruity this wine is.

If you're more of a video-watching person, check out the 1-minute review I did on this wine!

Type of wine:

Beaujolais blanc (aka Chardonnay)

Price range:

I found mine for $20 at Drink. It will vary place to place (I've seen others offer it at $17).


Light yellow-green.


Strong and sweet, with hints of flowers and pears.

Taste profile:


This wine is great for people who like a light wine that is somewhat "sweet" - it has no sugar but because it has the fruit and flower undertones it could fool many sweet drinkers.


It's got a pretty long finish. It will seat itself pleasantly on your tongue for a good 2 - 5 minutes after your sips!


Medium-bodied, due to the Chardonnay.


It isn't too light - pleasantly round in the mouth.

In what situation would I drink this wine?

Any time, especially during the holidays (when Beaujolais is most common). Is a great introduction into dry white wines for someone ready to make that jump from a semi-sweet world to a drier one.

What would I pair this with?

Definitely anything that is fish related or spicy. Light fish dishes, any Thai food and sushi!

Thanks for reading!

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In the meantime, keep exploring and stay wonder-full!

xox Alexis

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